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    Hey My name is Michael. Miguel en espanol. I have been living in Costa Rica for 3 months and am back in the united states. Even though I spent 3 months in a spanish speaking country......I can barely form sentences. I think I been learning the wrong ways. I recently found a spanish learning program that takes the words I already know in english and shows me the similar words in expanol. Theres like 5000 words that are similar in English and Spanish. Then It shows how to take only 138 words spanish words and communicate effectivley in just about every situation. Im really amazed by it. I only finished 5 lessons so far but I remember the words everytime. If your interested in checking out the system I can find it at If you know of any language learning tricks.......please let me know.......I really want to learn spanish so I can speak more clearly with my Costa Rica girlfriend. Peace!
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