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      hey what's up thanks for checking out my page. im Zay, a 23 yr old dude from florida. i had a bet that i couldn't learn spanish in sept of 08 and made it my duty to learn spanish hahaha, so i have been learning it for almost a year now. i could put all this in espanol but im not too impressed with my grammar. that's why i joined this site to improve my sentence structure and hopefully become friends with some native speakers who are fluent with english and can explain to me why something is done one way and not the other. only training i have had is with rosetta stone and listening to music. i have a couple spanish/latino friends online but they never speak to me in spanish because they want to learn english and usually when i want to know the rule or reason behind something being done one way they do not know how to put it in english. well im going to post an introduction and hopefully hear from someone !! uso uno mensajero??? windows live messenger???
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