Soy española y estudio inglés desde hace muchos años pero necesito aprender más. Si tú estás en las mismas condiciones que yo para el idioma que yo hablo (español), podemos ayudarnos el uno al otro. Mi email es<e-mail removed by a moderator. Please put your e-mail on your profile> y podemos chatear por messenguer.



I'm spanish and I study english since some years but I need learn more. If you are in the same conditions than me to spanish (language that I speak), we can help us. My email is <email removed by a moderator. Please put your e-mail in your profile> and we can chat by messenguer.

Best regards.
That sounds very good. I am Indian but English is my second language and my language at work is also English. I had my first brush with the Spanish language
while I was in Cuba a couple of years ago and I have come to love it. I joined a certificate course back in Delhi and scored good marks in the first semester, but could not
continue due to paucity of time. But I try and study on my own and enjoy it.

It would be great to work with someone like you. Looking forward to your reply.

Con Saludos

Hi, I would like to learn spanish. I can read better than I can speak the language and I am looking for someone who wants to learn english and teach spanish at the same time. If you are interested My login name is APedro and my real name is Pierre, I'm from Québec City Canada and I speak both french and english. No puedo hablar mucho espanol pero entiendo lo que ha escriba.