I would like to find native speaker English interested in improve his writing. A simply method. Each week he writte about one subject in Spanish, I corrected them and returm to him, with all the explanation and grammar advises to review. At the same I sent to him the same subject witten by me in English, and he do the same for me. I we work together we could improve our written skill easyly and quickly.

For example : I always has enjoyed to travel --- I have always enjoyed to travel ( review where the advebs has to be place in a sentence ) etc...

I hope that you understand my English. My written skills are very poor and I need to improve as soon as possible.

I somebody is interested,please e-mail at <email removed by moderator; please register and leave it in your profile>
Hola! No soy nativa en ingles pero hablo y escrivo bastante correctamente. Si quieres, podemos practicar;)
Yo tambien estoy buscando a una persona que puede me ayuda improbar mi abilidad comunicar en espanol.

I am a native English speaker from the U.S. and am looking to improve my ability to communicate effectively in Spanish. As you can see, my Spanish needs work. It think your idea-of exchanging and correcting short essays-is a good one. If you are still interested please contact me and we could begin ASAP.