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la universidad.. Yo he estudie Relaciones Internacionales ..

I'm studying teaching in Spain, and I have a little bussines which involve free time activities, as camps.
For this summer we are organizing a toy centre, and we want to make 90 minutes of english activities during 15 days.
I offer you to came here and do it. In exchange, you can be living in my house during that time or more. Of course, me and my family will give you meals, and wathever you want. You will be another memeber of my family.
We live in a little village in the north of Spain, really near from Pamplona. The english activities will be made in other village of my valley, only five minutes by car from my house.

I would like to know something else about you... where are you from? how old are you?

I will be looking forward for your answer. my email is: (removed by moderator; please register and leave it in your profile)

Elisa Gonzalez
Hello! I´m from Spain. I am a teacher here. I live in the south of Spain where you can learn spanish and swim in the beach. That´s a very nice place. I give you the opportunity to live at home during the july and august months. If you are interested in it. write to me: Email Removed.
I hope your answer.
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please, let's be a bit serious...
to speak fluently = hablar con soltura o hablar con fluidez.... NUNCA HABLAR CON FLUENCIA!!!!!!!!!!!!! if this is the level that as spanish we gotta show..let's better tell tarzan to teach you english...
does anybody knows what is fluencia? let's study engineering then.
el ingeniero de caminos
Hi Im JC and im mexican boy, do you want to learn spanish i want to improve my english, so all is perfect...my e-mail is:

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Spanish is a beautiful language and in my opinion an important language to know so that's why I want to learn it Emotion: smile
Hi Sara,

Contact me. Email Removed

My native lenguage is Spanish. I help you.

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I will be moving in a little over a year to an area in the US with a large Spanish-speaking population and hope to speak passably by then.