When I type in a line of text and hit return

it creates a space inbetween the lines.

Why does this forum do that? Is it possible to change the spacing layout? Is the spacing layout to make it easier for people to proofread, give insight, and make corrections to anothers inquiry or writing?
Hi Ghost Writer, I've noticed that too, but I didn't find any solution...I can only say that sometimes I write my posts in a block notes file and then I copy and paste it here, so I avoid the space between the lines!

The same thing have I noticed and it is pretty annoying sometimes. I thaught I could solve the problem by doing similar as Fran. I tried to write in word, but still problems!. It mixup things either while pasting or when posting.
That happens with the Internet Explorer. If you hold the Shift button while pressing Enter, it should only jump one line. With firefox I don't have that problem. Also, I am testing the new IE 7 and it doesn't happen there either.
Yeey....Punky; Thanks! Look;
It works for me pressing shift together with enter. Great.
Excellent! (It took me AGES to figure that out, it happened by mistake in fact! haha)
Well done Punky and Syl!!! Thanks a lot Emotion: smile