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thanks. i was wondering what i was saying.

what about "¿Se lo explico de nuevo?"

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what does this mean? callate no mas la voy a cojer?
In truth any spanish speaker use: "yo me voy a comer" nor "yo voy a comer"
We always say: "me voy a comer" or "voy a comer" We don't need to write nor say "yo"(it's not necessary)


·When you say "me voy a comer": you mean you're going to eat away, not at home. For example: Me voy a comer a casa de mi madre.

·When you say "voy a comer": you mean you're going to eat in the place you are, you don't need to leave anywhere. For example: (you're at work and you say to your fellow worker) voy a comer (it means you're going to eat without going anywhere, you'll eat in that place) but whether you will go to a restaurant or you will go home, you've got to say "me voy a comer".

I hope it's useful.

From a native Spanish.
hi, yo voy a comer is the same yo me voy a comer .yes yo me voy a comer = I'm going to eat .

Does simply "voy" not cover both senarios?