What Spanish talk the area of Alicante? Can I use Latin American Spanish courses of Rosetta Stone? Thank u!
I don´t know the Rosetta´s course, but Spanish is always the same, just change any details. Don´t care, you can have any problem with the accent and the way to talk, but not big trouble. Well i have to say that in alicante they talk in Valenciano Too, so ask to speak in spanish, everybody Knows it.

Sorry for the mistakes.

Un saludo.
I'm from Alicante and I usually speak Spanish. It's true some people speak Valencian (or Catalan, it's the same language), but if they see you're a foreigner they'll speak to you in Spanish =).

I think we don't have a strong accent, but we, as every other place in the world, have our particular words (toña, bajoca, etc...). If you learnt Latin American Spanish you will find some differences, but they are essentially the same, so don't worry =).