ademas quiero que me cuentes en que andas
You could translate in diferents ways but what they mean is that they want to know what have you been doing.
In my opinion is used in the same sense inglish uses the idiom "up to"

"what have you been up to?" or

"what have you been doing lately"

Hope this helps

Ademas quiero que me cuentes en qué andas.. = besides, I want you to tell me, in where are you..

"It's a incomplete sentence.. but what it means is that someone want to let him/her know in wich subject, or part of something he/she are.. , it doesn't me how you doing."en qué andas" in wich sobject.
"Como andas" How you doing etc... (Spanish is my first languague Emotion: stick out tongue.... so I'm right. by BDG.
what does del mean in english
Del = de + el

De = of /to etc preposition
el = defilnite article/ masculine /singular