Just saw this word in the caption of a TV show but couldn't find it in the dictionary. What does it mean? Gracias.
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I found that malito means bad

So it comes from "malo". But how does it turn into "malito"? It does sound good though. Another word is "hijito", again not in the dictionary.
They used the suffix -ito, a diminutive.
Los diminutivos muchas veces suavizan las peticiones:

no seas *malito y ayúdame por favor

*a bad person

o expresan lástima o empatía:

¡ay estás malito! (enfermo)
Sí, es como el sufijo "ish" en inglés, y parece mejor.
malito is a common expression in Ecuador. They put ito on nearly everything.
example: Un cafecito.

Hello, Mexican American here. "Malito" typically means someone who is sickly, or mentally disabled.

Its a dated and could possibly be considered offensive but benevolent word for referring to sick or handicapped people