Emotion: sad I have a Dell B130 inspiron, and no matter what I do, (Lock Num., Alt 164/5 or 0241) it just makes this awful clanking sound and refuses to type anything at all !!

I am so deperate with this issue is there a way around this ? Some have told me: get a spanish Dell or laptop.

Is it really that one sided ??

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Look at my post here:

Maybe you will need to install Mozilla Firefox, but don't worry it is a great Internet browser.

I have a Dell inspiron 8600 laptop with a norwegian keyboard, and it's working fine here. I bet you don't need a spanish keyboard, I hope the link over here will help you.
Select the English International language for your keyboard configuration instead of the English-United States that is configured by default, all the caracters will be corresponding to the keys and the ñ Ñ will be written by pressing alt-N

Espero que no sea muy tarde para contestar a tu problema

Alain Chavez

Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
Hi dude,

Press Fn key + ALT key+M/J/K/L/U/I/O/7/8/9 to get Spanish Characters!

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good..really god..now i can use the letter ñ Ñ control

germane from new york city