Is there an easy way to learn the verbs in spanish?
It depends whether they are regular or irregular. The regular ones follow an easy-to-learn pattern, the irregular ones must be learned by heart, sorryEmotion: smile
One of the best ways (though not necessarily the easiest) is to think of the most common words that you use in your daily life. Verbs like: want (querer), go (ir), have (tener) etc, and apply them to your life.

Making up false sentences about other people doing whatever it is they do is usually makes the verbs difficult to remember. But if you try and say: I have two brothers (Tengo dos hermanos) and you can apply to verbs to your real world, it makes them easier to remember.

The difficult part is to learn the different conjugations (verb form changes) of each verb.
Permíteme recomendarte una interesante herramienta de memorización perfecta para el estudio de, por ejemplo, formas verbales: Se llama Minerva y encontrarás información relativa a dicho programa en