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Has anybody here taken a language course in Spain? If yes, how have you selected the school and what were your main criteria when choosing one particular school over others? However, if you are planning to study Spanish in Spain in the near future, could you, please, let me know how you are planning to find the most appropriate language programme for you? Looking forward to your replies Emotion: wink
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My University takes a group of students every summer to the Universidad de Salamanca, I've heard good things about the University, its the oldest in Europe, and its in a central Region of Spain where the Spanish spoken is pretty clear and pretty easy to understand. Also I've heard of just a Spanish school that has programs in not only Spain, but Costa Rica and Ecuador as well called Escuela Internacional.
I agree that salamanca is a great place. I studied there for a semester. It was interesting to study in those old and beautiful buildings but it was not always very comfortable to sit on those old benches at the faculty of filology, and the ventilation in the basement could have been better, but apart from that I do not have much critique. Things went quite well. Emotion: smile

Salamanca is known for being the oldes university in Europe and for speaking a "clean" spanish. It's true enough but they had a bit weird way of pronouncing the a certain letter (i can not remember which it was, exactly)

I went through the Erasmus programme, but if you plan to go on your own maybe you could take a look at Don quijote. I saw it there and as far as I kn owit's some kind of language school.

I havent' heard/read very good things about the University of Málaga, both the people from my class and prevous classes have ended up in trouble there. As a city it is great but the University does not work quite well for the exchange students. Maybe if you travel on your own to study it's different, I do no know.
My professor is from Salamanca... he pronounces the Z and C like most Spaniards, as an English TH... also the X in Spain is usually pronounced like an S...

Málaga is in the south so they´ll omit and aspire some letters, like the S and the D... almost like a Cuban and Caribbean accent.
I have studied at a school in Salamanca called Tia Tula. It is a small school, which is great because they pay more attention to you. I also studied at Don Quijote in Salamanca. Im not saying that Don Quijote, Im just saying that Tia Tula is better. A lot cheaper too! Both schools have a great location, very close to each other. But like I said, if I were to recommend 1 I would deffinitely recommend Tia Tula. Good Luck!
I always go to Alicante to study Spanish, the beaches, the food, the people, all is incredible and there is a school in the center, they prepare excursions, the teachers have a good cualification. I liked so much that you can expend a class out the room.

PD: Im living in belgium now.

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Dear Deea,

To learn any langugage I think it is very important to spend some time in the country of origin. So you may like to choose among those cities in Spain offering other cultural options or have history buildings, a nice weather, or so ever.

The best thing would be to check Spanish forums as this one, and Spanish websites offering plenty of information on any particular city. For instance, I would recommend www.spanishintour.com as it focusses on different types of Spanish cities, one you know where you want to stay you can look for any school there.

Hope this helps you!
Hey ! my uncle has a business of spanish lessons here in Seville! I'll be glad to help you as long as you talk me a little in English!! we can also meet here in order to have conversation classes in spanish!!! let me know if you are interested, the city is seville!!
Hola a todos! Yo pienso irme a España ese verano para estudiar español. Lo que pasa es que debido al calor pienso irme a una ciudad dónde el mar esté cerca. Pienso en Barcelona, pero me preocupa por los turistas...

Un saludo a todos

Hi you all,

I´m also thinking about going to Spain this Summer to study spanish. But due to high temperatures I´m thinking about going to a place near the ocean. Maybe Barcelona, although I wouldn´t like to face crows of tourists...


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