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I've always known a few tips when it comes to translating spanish words into spanish, they are often cognates with slight twists to the ending.

For instance, an english word ending in -tion ends with a -cion instead in spanish. And sometimes, like with society and liberty, an english word ending with -ty changes to -tad or -dad in spanish

What I'm asking is this - are there any other similar helpful hints I could benefit from knowing? Other simple ending changes that could help me figure out what a word would translate into without having explicitly studied the word?

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Uhm... can't come up with any rules, but watch out for the false friends! words in english/spanish might be alike but they do not always mean the same.
Also the words that finish in -ly in English, they finish in -mente in Spanish.
Normally: normalmente
Rarely: raramente
quickly: rápidamente
slowly: lentamente
frequently: frecuentemente
possibly: posiblemente

...and lots more!

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