Here's an amateurish question for amateur
A bridge is supported at both ends by 2 massive main columns
200 meters apart. 9 secondary pillars are to be erected in between
to strengthen it. Each secondary pillar has a diameter of 1 meter.
The 9 pillars are to be positioned at iqual intervals along the 200
meter stretch.
How far apart should each secondary pillar be from each other ?

En otras palabras:

2 masivas columnas principales apuntalan a un puente en ambos lados

a distancia de 200 metros. 9 pilares secundarias hay que ser eregidas entre

las 2 columnas para fortalecerlo. Cada una las 9 pilares es de un metro de diámetro,
y tiene que ser eregida a intervalos iguales.

¿A cuantos metros de intervalo se debe separar entre sí las 9 pilares ?


trivia: Out of the Woods (Some camping advisories).

Situation A:
How to tell if a live bear that you happen to have the misfortune to cross path with

as you go hiking in the woods is male or female. Here's what you do:

1. Climb up the nearest tree as fast as you can.
2. Then, watch closely what the bear does.
It will do either of two things:
a) It will try and shake the tree violently until you fall off ! That indicates
the bear is macho.

b) It just simply seats by the tree and patiently waits for you to get tired and be
forced to come down ! That bear is hembra.
Es así de simple. Probátelo algun día !

Situation B:
Should you, while hiking in the woods, happen to notice a huge snake slithering
towards you, what steps should you take to avoid it ?

Well, you should take the longest steps you possibly can and get the hell out of there quick !

My answer is 19.1 metres.
Hola exlMARK. I NEED YOUR HELP. I have a small lot 8 mtrs. square I am thinking of enclosing
with a picket fence. I have already planted four 4x4 posts at each coner of the lot. Each picket
is 2" wide. I want to space them out evenly at no more than 3" apart. Can you tell me how
many pickets are needed for each 8 metr long fence?

Thank you very much in advance.
Soy Luna.
My answer is 19,1 too. It'll not be a trick??Emotion: hmm
I am in a bit of a quandary as to your
"true Identity". I have no way of knowing
if 'Soy Luna' are your first name and apellido

respectively, or whether they mean "I'm Luna".
So, to be on the safe side, I'll simply call you
"my friend" just for now pending your clarification
of the matter.
Ahora bien, en cuanto a tu picket fence:
If the distance between any two of your posts is
exactly 80 meters, then, you'll need 64 pieces of
pickets evenly spaced out at 2.876 inches (that's
very, very close to 3" as you specified) along that side
of the enclosure. So, for the entire enclosure, you'll
need a total of 256 pieces of pickets (64 x 4).

Incidentally, if you need to paint that fence, no dudes
en avisarme. Te lo haré 'gratis et amore'. [K]


ojo: I'd like to aprovecharme de este post para hacerles
a nuestros foromates de habla español una pregunta:

I know there is a spanish word for the English term
"DO-IT-YOURSELF" kit. I just can't recall the word.
Would you help me refresh my memory, please ? -- Thanx [H]