Hello there, foromates de habla inglés:
Here's one for you to chew on —

How would you punctuate (provide punctuation marks) to make some sense out of this hopelessly jumbled and chaotic sentence ?

I said that that that that that man said that his wife said must be stricken off the record

EXLMARK I said that that that that that man said that his wife said must be stricken off the record
Hello Mark (if you letme call you such?)
i am learning the english tongue. Your sentence is very very hard to think about. i am wrecking my brain for days now about it but still i dont comprehend. With so many that, that, it is not understandable. i am very interested in learning what it truly means. i hope you will be good enough to me to explain it?

i am LOLA (female)
Dear LOLA:
Even before you could specify your genderband, I already knew you were a she. Kind of reminds me of another LOLA I once knew — she, who wouldn't let me forget that "Whatever LOLA wants, LOLA gets"...so, I had to drop her like a hot potato. But that's an entirely different story altogether. Let's proceed to your post.
I agree, Lola, that the sentence looks weird and bizarre the way it is. I think the best way to make it easier to understand is to create a fictitious scenario like this:

Let's imagine that I am a lawyer defending a woman's reputation accused by another woman of carrying on an affair with her husband, and I'm trying to explain a situation to the judge, and I say to him — Mr. Judge, your honor Sir, all I'm trying to say here is that: « That the word 'THAT' which that gentlemen over there said that his wife used in her testimony or affidavit be taken out or erased from the record ».

Now, Lola, I hope this makes the sentence clear enough to you so that you can now put in your punctuation marks on the sentence. If not, then get back to me and we'll try to simplify it some more.
Before I go, let me thank you very much indeed, for paying attention to my silly sentence. I hope to hear for you more on this FORO.