Parece una novela interesante.

In Clarke's novel, the United States has declared victory in Iraq and pulled out, leaving in place a Shiite government that's a puppet of Iran. Distracted by Iraq, America has ignored the far more serious threat posed by Iran and its little-known Qods (or Jerusalem) Force, "the covert action arm of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps," which Clarke asserts (here and in his nonfiction) has long been among Al Qaeda's chief backers. "Washington did Tehran's work for them," one of his characters explains. "While all the American attention was focused on car bombs in Baghdad, the Iranians secretly built nuclear weapons while denying it and tricking the Europeans and Americans into thinking that they were five years away from a bomb." Meanwhile, the United States and China are growing desperate for Islamyah's oil.
'The Scorpion's Gate,' by Richard A. Clarke
He Told Us So
Published: December 18, 2005
Si, pero es ficcion como mucho de muy mediano nivel. En especial, el tal "Qods" ni siquiera podria existir.
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