"Bush and his fawn Tony Blair have now come to the end of their list of reasons for staying in Iraq. They now say that they must stay to train the Iraq Army so that it is able to fight the insurgency. In other words, they cannot pull out because of a problem that did not exist before they came. There was no insurgency before the Occupation. (The average death rate, by the way, is 30 per day; Iraqis also die, although there is reluctance to recognize this.) So we have the classic conundrum. American and British troops will not leave until the insurgency is controlled; and the insurgency will not end unless the Anglo-American armies go. Welcome to the near future.

Can somebody explain who trains the insurgency? They seem to be pretty good.

Damn good question. The American and British armies stumbled upon large caches
of AK-47s and RPGs but didnt pay much attention because they were hunting for
Weapons of Mass Destruction. The caches were written off as curiosity items.
Whoever stored those weapons already had a definite purpose in mind and it seemed that they were meant to be used after the "Coalition victory." But even that is conjecture and
it will be a long time before we know the truth. I suspect the inital insurgents suffered
serious losses through attrition because tactics appear to have changed.
I'd like to hear from people on this matter.