Hi everyone

I am trying to develop a product to help people learn spanish and I need some help in researching whether or not people would be interested in it. I am writing a Spanish text book that teaches Spanish from a linguistic point of view based on what people know about english. It would also include 27 audio lessons and 1250 flashcards. Finally I have gathered a lot of resources to ensure that regardless of what someone's background or other interests are they can use spanish in these parts of their life.

I want to charge $200 dollars for this package. If you have any insight or comments please post them. If you think you would buy this or know someone who would buy this please let me know. I really need help in order to finialize what this product would include or entail. If you want me to send you what I have so far just email me and I will send you a copy. Just email Email Removed

I'm not trying to shamelessly advertise, I just need the help of a community response, thank you for everything.
Puedes dejarnos algunas páginas de muestra si lo que deseas es que veamos tu producto.

Estoy de acuerdo con la CROM, Y por la manera buena idea Emotion: wink