Emotion: big smileHola, ¿de cuántos Kb es el tamaño máximo permitido de un archivo adjunto a un mensaje?, ¿se pueden enviar archivos con voz grabada para ser explícito en los mensajes que solicitan ayuda con la pronunciación de ciertas palabras?

We have been experimenting with some audio software in our English Forum www.englishforums.com . I will see how we can apply it here.
I'll get that finished as soon as possible, will take a couple of weeks - but i'll put it top of the list..
hi that would be a good idea.
I don't know what is the size limit yet, so I would like to have that information.

BTW, is there any size image limit?

Thanks for your replies.

Yes, it's 64KB when it's hosted on the forum.
Very useful information to be considered when posting or attaching files.

Thanks a lot