My family and me are looking for a place to go on our vacation this Summer, we are considering going to Spain.

What we are looking for is Sun, nice weather and beaches - Can you guys help us out?

Thank you very much. (I will be visiting the site regularly to see your replies)
If you want sun and beach, then you shoul be go to Valencia or Andalucia where we have the hottest place, But if u want to meet some cultural place then go to Castilla la Mancha, Castilla León or Madrid. Any place can tell
you interesting things about Spain. Spain is different Emotion: big smile
First of all, thank you for replying, SedvirY!

Can you tell us anything about the places you have mentioned? What kind of cultural things can we see? Are there "must-visit" places?
You may also want to consider the north if Spain. The beaches are more interesting and it is a little cooler in the sun during the summer. The Basque Country has some excellent beaches and towns along the coast.
The best places is Alicante, we have a lot of beaches, perfect weather, perfect food(seafood). I live there, if you want to know more about it, please write

here a link for you


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