I am just learning to speak spanish. I would like to know at these early stages what, if any, the translation of Michelle to spanish is? If Michael is Miguel, and Michelle is the feminine of Michael, then would I be "Miguela"? I have not been able to find this anywhere!!! Thanks...
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Hola y bienvenida Nailgirl.

Hello, and welcome. Take a look at this threat which is talking about the same thing english to spanish names . Maybe your name is already among the translated ones. If not I guess someone will help you soon Emotion: smile
¡Bienvenida al foro, Nailgirl!
I've never heard Miguela, but Miguelina.
You can searcj for names in Peruvian taxpayer's list clicking on this link .
Puedes buscar nombres oficiales en el listado de tributarios peruanos .
Ok... so maybe "Miguelina"? Or should I just stick with Michelle and not try to "convert" it...

It was not already converted on the other thread, so if anyone has any other ideas, I would love to hear them!

Muchas gracias!
Michelle, ma belle, [8]
these are words that go together well...

I wouldn't change it, if I were you. Michelle is a lovely name, and I think that most Spanish speakers have heard it before and won't have difficulty pronouncing it.
Wilkommen! Wait..wrong language. Bienvenida!
Syl, probably just a typo, but I'll correct you since your profile says you want corrections:

Syl, possiblemente solo un "error", pero te voy a corregir porque tu perfil dice que quieres correcciones.

You said: Take a look at this threat thread which is talking about the same thing english to spanish names .

Oh, por favor..me puedes corrigir?
treaT? Emotion: surprise sorry! nono. no threat, rather thread! of course. I missed that Thanks Robert. [Y]

Aqui tienes tus correcciones;

Syl, pos_iblemente solo es un "error tipográfico" (creo) , pero te voy a corregir porque tu perfíl dice que quieres correcciones.

Está bien pero la frase en español no signífica exactamente lo mismo que la frase en inglés. . Fíjate en que "since" se traduce como "ya que" o "puesto que" mientras que "because" se traduce como "porque"

Now let's get reallynitpicky! Emotion: geeked

sólo un "error" (solo = en soledad, sin compañía; sólo = solamente, únicamente)

"Perfil" no lleva tilde. "Significa" tampoco. (But aquí does.)
If a word ends in an "l", the emphasis falls on the last syllable (sutil, canal, real) unless there is a tilde to indicate otherwise. (Examples: árbol, fácil, dócil)

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