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How can one possibly have any fun in this world, without making fun of people for their customs and language?But ... You do the same when you say that Spanish is better than English, Spanish is the language of the futur=e,

Just informing the populace.
Wrong again.
Everybody understands Spanish in most of America except for some unlucky and not very lliterate populations in the US. After 500 years, even the jungle people has some knowledge of the language (they'd better) and even at the most remote areas, the Medicine Man or the Chief can speak it fluently.
How can one possibly have any fun in this world, without making fun of people for their customs and language?

But there are lots of options, you Simple Mind...

I suppose you refer to making war on them. Well that is good too.

Capitalize all words derived from "Spain", even though you wouldn't do that in your own patois.
as blacks, but quite bad. That view is later reinforced by restless broadcasting of movies and other visuals where the

Try "relentless" here.
bad guy is likely to be spanish-looking.

Look again, chico. Those are Arabs.
Were he black, then he'd be dumb as well. TV is the prime means of education nowadays, not schools.

El verbo que anda con "prejudice" es "prejudge", pero no usamos tanto como el sustantivo.
Saludos y coños,
1- Everybody understands Spanish in Brazil in the same way that everybody understands Spanish in Portugal. You can get by in Brazil just using Spanish. No problem at all.

True, perhaps (although it is a one-way street; I understand that Spanish-speakers have a lot more trouble understanding Portuguese because of the latter's much more complex vowel system). But I have read that Portuguese speakers rather resent the use of Spanish just because it's comprehensible. I read a paragraph once in which the linguist Mario Pei was supposed to speak at a Portuguese university; unfortunately, he did not speak Portuguese, and felt that using Spanish would be regarded as insulting. What to do, to be understood without giving offense? His solution was to deliver his lecture in Italian.

Gary Williams
I don't really understand the margination of the Spanish language in the States. While the rest of the world is ... have chosen to ignore a world language already implanted in their country and spoken by over 20% of its population.

There are indeed some Americans who, hostile to immigrants whose families came to the United States later than their families did, resent the use of Spanish in public, and others, not hostile to immigration per se but seeing a single national language as a factor in national unity, who feel that acquisition of English should be a top priority for immigrants and that conducting public education in a way that makes the acquisition of English a top priority for immigrants is sound public policy.
Why is Spanish singled out? Only that it is the non-English language most likely to be heard in public in the United States today. If our recent immigrants had mainly come from northern Belgium, then Flemish would be getting the same treatment.
Any other nation would pay a fortune for having such a large share of its population speaking a second language...

Well, yes, if that second language were English.
It's both relatively easy and relatively necessary for a European to acquire more than one language. Distances are such that one can easily expose oneself to a second language through radio and even television. Geography is such that many more people are likely to have business to do in a state where a language other than their own is spoken than is the case in North America, where vast distances separate most Americans from any international border, and where for the majority of people within a few hundred km of an international border that border is with a country where English is the most widely spoken language.

Look; learning a second language is not an easy thing. The economic benefits both to residents and to non-residents of English-speaking countries are often sufficient to justify that cost. It is less often that there are benefits to a native speaker of English from learning a second language that justify the somewhat higher costs.

I wonder how many citizens of ancient Rome and of its territories worked hard at learning a second language other than Latin.

Gary Williams
What do you expect from someone who has been prejudized against for his condition of a bilingual speaker of Portuguese language and Riograndenser Hunsrückisch, a German-rooted language brought to Southern Brazil by the first German immigrants? Eyn?

gets lost in so many words? That sounds familiar, Gaucho...

Lo de la lengua inmaterial materna no lontendio...

The girl could have been brought in from Russia and married in the USA. She starts to learn English to deal with life in her new world. She has a baby, and teaches this baby English, 'cause that's what the baby will need to go to school and have other friends.
Her English is not perfect, but she tries her best and passes that to the baby.
So, getting back to my 'immaterial': the baby's mother's tongue is English, althought hers was Russian. That the baby speaks some words incorrectly as the mother does is immaterial. Many mothers teach their children their dialects, something that appears to be a language but is a lot of strange noises for somebody else grown up in another city. Have you ever heard Mockney, that terrible Cockney accent...Man..that's baaad!

That's it folks,
It=B4s true that Spanish-speakers have a lot more trouble understanding Portuguese than viceversa.
I never felt any kind of discrimination as a Spaniard traveling in Brazil or Portugal.
I speak Spanish and they understand and they speak Portuguese back to me and with a little bit of effort you can actually understand most of it. But you have to try...
So according to you, Mr. Gaucho, what would be the most pleasing language to listen to when in bed with a woman?
So according to you, Mr. Gaucho, what would be the most pleasing language to listen to when in bed with a woman?
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