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Porque al arroz le dicen "sopa"?

Beber And Tomar

Hi, when exactly do I have to use tomar and when beber? Is there a difference to which drink type? Thanks

Definición De 'Plop'

What does the remark Plop mean?

"El Palito Mantequillero"

What's the meaning of this in English? It's a children's game in which one hides a stick and the others try to find it. The one who hid it calls out 'hot' or 'cold' depending...

Spanish/English False Friends

My favorite Spanish/English false friends (word pairs that look like they might mean the same thing but don't) are: actually : en realidad vs actualmente ...

Pull Lot

what is the best expression for "pull the lot" -if we have an auction (subasta) Lot pulled -El lote sacado? Lot not pulled - El lote no sacado? thank you

Improve Your Spanish Vocabulary!

And more! Here he teaches you some more vocabulary and how to pronouce correctly.

What Does 'Malito' Mean?

Just saw this word in the caption of a TV show but couldn't find it in the dictionary. What does it mean? Gracias.

Equivalent Of "Sort The Wheat From The...

Is there a common idiomatic equivalent in Spanish of the phrase "sort the wheat from the chaff"? I'm writing specifically for a Bolivian audience, but phrases from any region...

Vocabulary - Spanish Antonyms

The words on the left were given to me and the ones on the right are the ones I thought to be their opposites. I did not find any spanish resource for antonyms. Does one exist...

Help!!! Heavy Equipments Translation...

hola a todos , i am working in china for a heavy equitment factory, i'd like to know how to say all the fotos above. can you please tell me how...

What Does That Mean?

Hola a todos! Por favor, que significa esa frase " un amor de persona eres tu ". You can explain ie English or in Spanish. Thanks in advance!

How Do I Say...

Hola: If I want to say en español algo como: « It takes two to tango », ¿cómo lo hago? thanx. muchisimas gracias....

Which One Is The Correct Expression?

I use Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish, first I was using Latin America version, but now switched to Spain version, since I live in Europe. There are a few differences but one of...

Unscramble 3 Words Help!

Unscamble these spanish words lol I cant figure out these last few... OUIATAOECRN - Sentence: El joven del parque es OUIATAOECRN. CFAONODAII - Senetence: Álex es muy CFAONODAII...


Gosh, this is hard! What is the difference between "alli", "ahi", "alla"?


Hola, I am a teacher and I wanted to play Spanish Bingo with my kids this week. Is there a spanish word for Bingo? Thanks for the help

What Does " Yogurcito " Mean In Spanish...

as in "my yogurcito,aqui" what does this mean? what does"yogurcito" mean in spanish? thanks


I work in our local prosecutor's office and recently had a witness statement that stated "me pego con una barilla", what does the word "barrilla" mean in this statement?

Comida/ Comidas

Can we use both? And, also, marisco and mariscos? Thank you in advance!
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