I have a landscaping company and have picked up a little bit of Spanish talking with employees. I am interested in learning more. I have looked at different software packages and some are really expensive. www.spanish-learning-software.com listed a few programs that aren't as expensive as Rosetta Stone. Does anyone have an unbiased opinion about these or any other software programs that work well and won't cost me a fortune?

I just downloaded 'Maria's Spanish Class' on my iPhone. Really good and dirt cheap too!
I too am learning (actually relearning) Spanish. I've been checking out CD sets from the library and using them driving back and forth to work. I'm also reading as much news as possible in Spanish on the web. So far, I'm making pretty good progress using this method.
Hola, i've got the solution.
Actually i'm using a totally free program (to learn other languages, but it also works with spanish) which is great, very intuitive; the inconvenience: it's a huge program and u have to download it. If u r interested, i'l give the links for u to check it out ok. Pls let me know..