For those members who don't have a Spanish keyboard to produce the ñ, é characters etc., we have the following guide to help you:

1) With most computers the ALT key followed by a number should do the job:

Other computers recognize these codes:

á = Alt + 160 ü = Alt + 129
é = Alt + 130 ñ = Alt + 164
í = Alt + 161 Ñ = Alt + 165
ó = Alt + 162 ¿ = Alt + 168
ú = Alt + 163 ¡ = Alt + 173

2) If you don't want to remember any codes, you can use a virtual Spanish keyboard such as this one: /

3) If you use Firefox, you can download a special add-on called abcTajpu .
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Good to know!
Thanks for this. I have it written next to my laptop now.

Does the Spanish keyboard have more buttons than an English keyboard?

I've always wondered what a Chinese keyboard looks like too.
I think a standard Spanish keyboard has 104 keys.
Here's a link to an image of the standard Spanish keyboard.

I would like to remark that inspite these keyboards are now used in Spain and in Latin America, it is possible to write easily in Spanish using an English keyboard. In fact, I have a keyboard with an US-international distribution, and its language was configured as Spanish. Check the Keyboard control panel if you want. Then you will find slight differences. If you write "~" , that symbol won't be visible immediately. If you press "n" or "N", then you will see a 'ñ' or a "Ñ". The same thing happens with accents (instead of "~" the key you should push is " ' " )
Thanks for that Leandro.
Vocales mayúsculas acentuadas ortográficamente:

Á = Alt + 181

É = Alt + 144

Í = Alt + 214

Ó = Alt + 224

Ú = Alt + 233

If you use Firefox, you can easily download and install an add-on called abcTajpu.

It works fine even in Firefox 3.0 (I have it installed to try it for you).

You can get more information about abcTajpu.

Screenshot for abcTajpu

(missing image) (missing image)

(missing image) I think it doesn't work in the message box because it has a different configuration called WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), but you can write your message in other common boxes or forms.

Gracias por la información
Try the word document I created - it not only lists codes to produce characters generally, but also some special shortcuts for use in Microsoft Word

You can use the following link to download it:

I recommend as good practice that you always virus-scan files you download from the Internet - even mine Emotion: smile - my virus scanner is up to date and I'm behind a good firewall, but you never know...

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