I got a message from a girl I've dated who's Spanish. I know some of the words but can't put it all together. If anyone can help, thanks.
"Perdoname no devimos besarnos esta mal fue muy bonito porque me gustas pero no debio pasar me dije llevar por la emocion."
"Sorry, we shouldn't have kissed. Although it was really beautiful because I'm really fond of you, it's not correct. I just gave free rein to my feelings"

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what kind of help do u need? i am from peru and i am gonna be glad to help u. Just if u want...[Edited by mods - Please register and add your contact address to your profile] Maritza
Hello!! my name is Edwin, I`m a english study and I want to know someone who teach me or help me.

I hope somebody write me. [Edited by mods: Please, register and add your e-mail address to your profile] good bye

Pos-data mi lengua natal es el español y mi edad es 17 años.Emotion: embarrassed