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English To Spanish Names

Whats the name Katie in spanish? Thanks.


What is the Spanish equivalent of the English names Misty and Marilyn?


What is the name Diego equivilent in English?

Converting English Names To Spanish

If anyone can help me on this, that would be great. Or, if anyone has a link to a webpage that can help me, that would be cool too. I need the following names converted to Spanish...

Aprender Español?

Hola. Soy holandesa y vivo en La Haya. Hablo holandés, inglés y un poco de español. Quiero aprender español. I can learn you Netherlands or English. Te interesa? ...

Why Do You Want To Learn Spanish?

i want to learn spanish because i would like to work in spain as a teacher, maybe. queiro a aprender espanol porque quiero a trabaja en espana. what about you?

Difficult Words For You To Pronounce In...

Which words are the most difficult for you to pronounce as a Spanish learner?

Hablo Español?

Alguien que quiera aprender español?

Por Favor?

un acrostico con la palabra happy en inges

Is There A Way On?

Is there a way on this site to communicate to Native Spanish speakers? (I am learning Spanish)

Espanol Student?

Rephrase these sentences replacing both the direct and indirect objects with the corresponding direct and indirect object pronouns. 1. Mandaron la invitación a última hora, a...

Exchange EspañOl - English

Hi, my name is Alberto. I'm spanish and I'm learning english. I had an idea. If someone who lives in United Kingdom or USA wants learn spanish we can to send e-mails between us...

Spanish Bootcamp

Hey guys, a couple of weeks ago I started to think seriously about a problem that we see here in our Spanish language school in Tenerife everyday. Students just don’t talk...

How Do You Pronounce "Che Guevara"?

How do you pronounce Che Guevara? English pronunciation exercises

Apps For Learning Spanish?

Hello! I'm thinking about learning Spanish and have been looking at some apps for learning Spanish.. I've tried these, I thought you could complete the list with more: Duolingo...

Trying To Learn Spanish?

Hello! My name is Mauricio and I am a native spanish speaker! If you need help with your assignments, you want to improve your skills or do something else related to spanish language...

Cual Programa De Tele?

estoy estudiando por mi cuenta y me gusta escuchar a las musicas latinas cuando estoy leindo. Tambien quisiera a mirar algunas programas de tele en espanol para que mejorar mi...

Test Your Spanish Here (Translation Practice...

I want to see your translation skills (No spanish speakers here of course ) I will write something in english and will see who gives the best translation into spanish )...

¡Hola Desde Malta!?

Hola, estoy buscando amigos para practicar español y puedo ayudar con ingles, italiano y maltés

Heyy Im Not Sure If?

heyy im not sure if there actually is a translation there but could you help me with the name Komal
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