Hola a todos!

I'm currently trying to learn Spanish (with Pimsleur and some other methods). In the past, I tried to come up with a nickname (for DJ-ing and stuff) but I couldn.t find a cool one in English. Now I'm doing Spanish I discovered in Spanish it can be way cooler.

I was thinking about 'El vino roya' or 'El vino óxido'. The first part is basically a modification to my first name (which is 'El vin', without the space, of course). The second part is a translation of my family name (which is 'Rust'). How do you people think about these two names. Of course I know they don't make sense as a 'type of wine', but I don't know whether I forgot soemthing that would make people laugh or make fun of it. For example a common Dutch name translated in English would be 'Dick the Cock', which isn't a very 'handy' name if you go abroad..

Gracias por adelantado!
Looks like instead of wanting people to listen to your music, you're trying to make them drink wine Emotion: stick out tongue

Yasmin Bautista