What are the etymologies http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etymology of the words?...

1. sofrito
2. recaito
Sofrito comes from the word sofreir (to fry lightly; saute); sofreir comes from the word freir (to fry). The word recaito comes from the word recao (an herb that grows in Puerto Rico, but is also known as ngo gai in Vietnam). These usages are 'localismos' from Puerto Rico. My sister lived for a few years on a farm outside Ponce there, and when I visited her, these local dishes were SOOOO good!
The primary difference between sofrito and recaito is that recaito is an uncooked salsa base used in a variety of dishes (incredible flavoring for rice and beans!); sofrito is cooked recaito (sauteed lightly, see above) with tomatoes and (sometimes) ham or other meats.
Hope this helps...

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