Hola, FDEmates:
Believe me, it pains me a lot having
to do this. But I just feel it has to be done !
I address myself this time to the FDE Admin.:
Does the Foro have some kind of a policy
governing the matter of one hispanohablante
user correcting the grammar of onother
hispanohablante user without the latter's
expressed willingness to be so treated ?
I raise this point because I am fully aware that

some Foro users take a lot of pride, and rightly
so, in their superior knowledge (autoperceived
or otherwise) of the inner workings of Spanish
grammar, so much so, that they tend to be
"sobremanera quisquilloso" (overly touchy)

about it !
I do believe that this matter has to be clarified
soonest so that we may avoid in the future
offending unnecessarily one another, albeit
unknowingly and with the best of intentions.

This is just one humble opinion
from my end. [H]Mark.
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La idea no es corregir sino mejorar la producción del aprendiente de español. Sin embargo, se da el caso a veces de que un mismo hispanohablante no usa o escribe buen español (español "estándar"), por lo cual, cualquiera que se percate del desatino puede decir "Me parece que está palabra o frase debe ser así...".

Por otro lado, debe expresarse cualquier corrección o sugerencia con sumo cuidado o no debe haber ninguna corrección o recomendación en el caso de que el autor del escrito así lo diga (por ejemplo, "no acepto correcciones").

En cualquier caso, puedes comunicarte con el autor de la corrección por mensaje privado Emotion: mobile phone para decirle que no efectúe correcciones o que lo haga de otra manera (menos pedante o molestosa).

I agree with Crom

I think that we learn more from our mistakes rather than when we are explained something...
CromEn cualquier caso, puedes comunicarte con el autor de la corrección por mensaje privado Emotion: mobile phone para decirle que no efectúe correcciones o que lo haga de otra manera (menos pedante o molestosa).
This is a good suggestion, you can also put it in your profile.

But then, what's the meaning of saying "I'm learning Spanish" (or any other language) when you don't want to be corrected? Emotion: smile
Personalmente a mi me gusta cuando me corrijen, porque si no ,seguiré diciendo/escribiendo el mismo error sin saber que es un error porque nadie me ha avisado. Es cierto que a veces pueden ser errores muy peques y que una coreccion de esos puede molestarme un poquitito tambien porque en muchos casos puede que sea solo un tipo (soy la "reina" de los tipos, desafortunadamente!Emotion: sad) pero no siempre es lo es! y aprendo algo nuevo. Sabeis, me recuerda a un dicho hungaro que dice "quien no agradece las cosas pequeñas no merece las cosas grandes." ( mi mami me lo suele decir por ejemplo cuando encuentro una moneda que no valga(?) mucho)
Hi to both of you, my good friends, Pucca y Syl:

In the very first place, let me make one thing absolutely clear. My post in question was not intended for our friend Crom to read. It was intended for the other fellow ! For more information on this matter, you may ask Crom. We've already talked about this in private.

In the second place, I was talking about one hablane correcting another hablante, not one hablante correcting a non-hablante like me who am here precisely to be corrected and
thereby learn the language.
I agree totally with Syl. Even if you are a native speaker, you could be ungrammatical in some
ways. I have quite a number of US-born friends whose grammar stinks !

Unfortunately, there are those who imagine that their knowledge of Spanish grammar is way
supperior to that of anyone else's, so that they become so touchy (unreasonably sensitive) to any
correction however so slight it might be, like that other fellow, who even showed uncalled for
rudeness in saying that he knows his grammar like the back of his hand and no one has any
business correcting him ! What a character !

your amigo[H]Mark
I didn't every say that I knew my grammar like the back of my hand, nor did I say you have no business correcting me. If I make a mistake by all means correct me, but don't quote my perfectly fine comment, and "tachar" for lack of the English word coming to me right now. I said something that was correct and would have been a very common way of saying what you had asked for, however the other crossed out my suggestion and corrected it with a VERY formal version, that for me, wouldn't be used in every day speech, except maybe in his native Peru, where that might sound more common, although I WAS NOT incorrect, I even doubted myself after such incedent and showed the very post to educated friends from Latin America and they agreed that what I had put was perfectly fine and common, and many commented that what the other had suggested even sounded overly formal. I am quite a character though, yes and thank you for your opinion. If you have a suggestion on another way to say something, by all means that SHOULD be shared.
Hi guys, mind telling the rest of us what's going on?

Emotion: smile
PuccaHi guys, mind telling the rest of us what's going on?
Hi, Pucca, and the rest of you foromates who may be wondering what this "brouhaha"
is all about and how it all started, you may want to refer yourselves to my earlier post
que se titula: "Wound I sound funny if..."
Then, you may let us know your own say on the issue so that this matter does not
become limitted to a "three-cornered "imbroglio" ! Until then, I intend to keep my piece !

'ta luego.[H]M
Aqui lo tienes, Pucca.
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