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Clase has got two means: 1) classroom 2) class or lesson

If you are question about where is the classroom you should use "está", in contrast if you are question about where will be the lesson you should use "es".
¿Dónde está la clase? -> Where is the classroom?
¿Dónde es/será la clase? -> Where will be the lesson?
You can use present or future tense in the second example, but not in the first.
¿Dónde está el concierto? or ¿Dónde es el concierto? It's "es" then, isn't it?
Yes. It's "es"
Thank-you for your reply and your location. We have been discussing this at and there seems to be some diverse opinions.

If the concert is in progress and you ask, would you still use "es"? Thank-you.