¿Cómo se dice mejor lo siguiente?:

1. For all we know, we may never meet again.

2. For all intents and purposes, the entire campaign is all but lost.

3. We will act on the basis of YES or NO, as the case maybe.

4. By that statement, it goes without saying that the information is true, after all.

5. Be that as it may, I still believe it can be done.

6. If that's what it boils down to, then, so be it !

7. Know all men by these presents...

8. Be it known that I...

Gracias y saludos.
1.- "Por todo lo que sabemos"
2.- "A efectos prácticos"

3.- "Según el caso"

4.- "Se da por hecho"

5.- "Sea como sea"

6.- "¡que lo sea!"
7.- "Conste por la presente..."

8.- "Sabiendo que yo..."
Thanx, Pucca. I'll try to memorize them.
EXLMARKI'll try to memorize them.
AND use them whenever you can! Emotion: wink
PuccaAND use them whenever you can! Emotion: wink
Yes, Ma'm, will do.[H]