Dear members!

If you receive friends requests, private messages, picture or profile comments, etc that look like this:

My name is faith,
i saw your profile today at ( became intrested in you,i will also like to know you the more,and i want you to send an email to my email address so i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am.Here is my email address (***) i believe we can move from here!I am waiting for your mail to my email address above.(Remeber the distance or colour does age not matter but love matters alot in life)I will be happy to seeing a good responds from you
Thanks and remain blessed.
Your's in love,

send me your email adress in my box (*** ) so that i will send my photo and tell you more about me ok bye" aware that these are scammers! Never give them your e-mail address or other contact details!

Please, inform us of any users like that you come across. Thanks!
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The user elregato or known as Madame Avelin Regato is a scammer she emailed me the day about a trunk boxwith millions of dollars in it. I googled her name and it is a 419 scam, there are people from Nigeria who take your money it is a scam.

This member needs to be stopped as she has added other member on here aswell and they need to be warned, please remove her!

Her email address is Email Removed">Email Removed but these fraud artists have several other addresses.


got scam message from user rita_baby
(Hello Dear,How are you hope fine,My name is Rita,i saw your profile and i was interested, i hope we can make good friend ,i will like you to write me back through my mail address: ********** /So that i can tell you more about myself,and send to you my photo,wait your love reply.Rita.)
Rita has repeated elregato's fate. Thanks for reporting!
Can you please remove my email address I am getting scammers.
Hello Carnosa,

It is impossible that you get e-mails from scammers UNLESS you have set your e-mail address as public.

You can always change it on your profile. Emotion: smile
Yes Pucca is right. This person might have sent you a PM if you have allowed receiving PMs, or this person may have commented on your profile (which is what these scammers are doing at the moment) and you get an email NOTIFICATION of this. But your email is never public.

Keep reporting them Emotion: nodding
Cuidado, hay nuevos 'scammers':

1. masha2204u
Hello dear friend,
How is your day??? Thanks so much dear i have take sometimes to go through your profile and fined out that to love someone is nothing, to be loved by someone is something, to love someone who loves you is everything. Looking here for everything of my life, I write some words. I am single and not engaged. I am in search of true happiness and am hoping that the future brings it. I am almost too honest for my own good - and hate game playing.
I am trying to handle some pretty encompassing issues in my life...but am waiting to remain open-minded where the idea of romance exists. I am looking for Honest, caring, patient, funny and loyal person. A man that can be himself in the beginning and remain that same person all the way through to the end of time !!
If you are willing to love and be loved with your whole heart & willing to make the people in your life a "solid' part of your soul... then maybe you and I will connect. We might just have a lot to talk about through my private e-mailbox ((Email removed) )
Take care,

2. jafar120

Hello, sweet one
complement of the day,it is my plessure to be your friend,after going through your profile today i am miss Favour ,a kind responsible and humble sweet girl,i saw your profile here and like it so just contact me now at(favourjafar120 at for full introduction of my self,to exchange foreign language and to send u my pics ok.plz do not let distance race, or color be a barier for relationship i will love to hear from you soon.
hit me your love here,
(favourjafar120 at

3. fattu
hola ¿cómo estás hoy espero que todo está bien con usted en que si es así gracias a Dios, acabo de ver su perfil aquí en este sitio precioso y tengo interés en él y es por eso que he dicho que voy a dejar caer algunas notas y Plesse si te importa me puedes escribir de nuevo con esta dirección de correo electrónico (f/a/t/t/u/l/o/v/e/AT/y/a/h/o/o/./c/o/m/) para que yo pueda enviar mi foto y le dirá más acerca de mí mismo yo sólo espero para leer el correo muy pronto.
¡Muchas gracias, Luis! All banned now.
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