Tengo "Destino de Abril" poco, de "Green Car Motel". Penso que es asi asi.

Gracias por su recomendaciones.

(By the way, this is the first post I've tried to write completely in Spanish, and I would very much appreciate corrections and advice etc., because I'm sure to have made mistakes.)
"¿Qué canciones en castellano/español me recomendáis?" Emotion: smileSpanish songs, I didn't know what those two were, bands or songs, by the way! You can try "La Oreja de Van Gogh", "El Canto del Loco", "Iguana Tango", "Alex Ubago", "Amaral", etc.
Gracias por el recomendaciones.

How would I say it so people can recognize which one is the song and the artist?

Also, is your way of asking for recommendations just a different tense or was mine incorrect?

Muchimas gracias otra vez Pucca.