what is the best expression for "pull the lot" -if we have an auction (subasta)

Lot pulled -El lote sacado?
Lot not pulled - El lote no sacado?

thank you
I would say "puja"

But, I'm not really sure what you are asking for so, can you explain what it means? (I'm sorry, my English is awful!)

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Hi, thanks!
well the idea is that there is an auction (subasta) and u place something for an auction (usually to sell) and then the lots (i found definition in spanish=lote=
  1. Lo que le toca a cada uno en la lotería o en otros juegos en que se sortean sumas desiguales.
  2. Cada una de las parcelas en que se divide un terreno destinado a la edificación.)
so then the lots are pulled out =taken out

i hope this helps
I'm sorry. Maybe someone else can help you out in this issue!
When you say "lot pulled", do you mean that you don't want to sell the lot, or someone has already bought the lot?
it means in bad shape