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Para mí también es el número 1.

Y bienvenida Mirnasol! Emotion: smile
Hi Mirnasol,
I've tried to send you an email to your hotmail account for several times, however the system told me that your account was unavailable to receive email. If you receive this email, please reply me through my email account^__^

HI Jane!!! Better late than never!!!hahaha

I'm Mirnasol from Argentina and I was looking for some info on the web when I found this forum where once I tried to help you with some kind of grammatical exersises......You said that you had tried to emailed me but it was impossible.... well, just in case....if more than a year later you are interested in talking to me I'll be glad waiting for your answer!!!

My e-mail adress is: Email Removed">Email Removed

Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Kisses, MIrnasol

Hola a todos, tengo un video sobre las diferencias entre POR Y PARA en mi canal de Youtube. este es link.