When a word has a double l (like pollo) which is the correct pronunciation? Is it pollo (polyo) or pollo (pollo) or is it perhaps a difference in castellano and catalan?
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Pollo es pollo, no sé cómo explicar mejor, je. No sé cuál será la diferencia con el catalán, no lo hablo.
The correct pronunciation is "polyo"
like in llama (lyama no lama-the English pronunciation)
Hope this helps.

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thanks for your help [Y]Emotion: big smile
Yep, that's, in principle, the correct pronunciation. But, in fact, there are important differences between countries, and within a country. In Buenos Aires, we've got a peculiar way of pronouncing "ll", which is different from most of the rest of Argentina and from other Spanish-speaking countries.

The general Spanish pronunciation for "ll" is /λ/. This lambda symbol represents to a sound which is uttered with the tongue close to your palate, just let the air pass through the spaces on both sides of your palate.

A fist step to learn its pronunciation is trying to pronounce "lya" then merge "l" and "y" in just a sound, you will pronounce "lla".

The pronunciacion of "ll" as "y" is called yeísmo. This is very common in cities either in South America and Spain. However, Angertinian Spanish has a different pronunciation for this letter.

I want to clarify something to you just in case. We latin american and most spaniards speak Spanish, but to many of us when you ask we say in spanish... yo hablo castellano... instead of saying ...yo hablo español...
Catalan is a different language all together spoken in one of the regions of Spain.

Thank you for your clarification. You really never cease to learn. i didn't know that latin americans spoke castellano. But there's something that I can't understand, perhaps you could help me with it. Well, I was recently in Barcelona, where the "official language" is catalan. I spoke in Spanish cause i wanted to practice. Well, in Andorra where they speak catalan (well I was told so) I wanted to buy a muneca, but the shop assistant hadn't the faintest idea what I was talking about? Is there a word in catalan which means doll, or is it the same word used throughout spain, cause I really felt down talking in Spanish and not understanding me. Thanks
Sorry, I don't speak Catalan. You would think that everybody in Spain had a basic understanding of Spanish, being Spanish the oficial language of the country and not the region. Perhaps, someone from Spain here on the furum can help you with that.
I tend to think that is like in Quebec were everybody 'should' know English but many of them don't, and even more if they speak it, they don't want to (French pride I guess)

Good luck
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