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Una Historia Policíaca "de verdad"(?)
("True" Police Story from the EXL Files)

Three terrorists escape from prison. They are armed and dangerous.
They force their way to an isolated farmhouse and hold hostage all the
occupants therein.

The incident is immediately reported to the police. The police promptly
responds; surrounds the farmhouse, with a team of SWAT francotiradores
at the ready. Capt. Holms, in charge of the entire operation, instructs his
man, Sgt. Watson, to go and find out from the neighbors how many
persons occupy the farmhouse.
Minutes later the Sergeant is back, reporting to his Captain:

WATSON: Captain, according to some neighbors, the Smith family
lives in that farmhouse composed of one named Joseph,
together with his two sons. Then, onother is named
John, together with son and father. And still onother,
named James, with his Dad and Grandpa. So, there are
9 persons being held hostage in that house, sir.
HOLMS: (After a long pause) Did you say 9, Watson?
WATSON: Yes, sir, 9 hostages.
HOLMS: Are sure, Watson?
(The Sergeant is visibly surprised and a bit offended

by his Captains seeming doubt as to his ability to
count, retorted rather sharply) :
WATSON: Why, of course I'm sure, Captain, sir. That's just
simple arithmetic, sir: First, there is this Joseph,
with his two sons, that's 3. then, there is Jonhn, with
his son and father, that's 6. And then, there is this
James, with his Dad and Grandpa, that's 9:
3 x 3 = 9. At least I can count that far, Captain, sir !

HOLMS: (With a naughty smile, amused at his Sergeant's
apparent irritaded tone) Not neccessarily so,
I'm afraid, my dear Watson !

At this point, I'm interrupting this dialogue to ask you
this question: Why do you think Captain Holms doubts
the correctness of his sergeant's simple arithmetic ?

ojo: Should you find the answer to this query extremely

difficult to divine, just say so, [H] and we' ll continue with
the dialogue and see what Capt. Holms is "cooking"
in his head.

Hasta la proxima.
Because the Smith family lives with other 3, another family:

Grandfather = Joseph
Grandfather's son = Jon
Son = James
PuccaGrandfather = Joseph [Y]
Grandfather's son = Jon [Y]
Son = James

Hola, Pucca;
You realy surprise me ! [H] I thought that one was tough enough.
Anyway, what Capt. Holms meant to tell his sergeant is this:

The Smith family is actually composed of only 3 persons,
and not 9 as Sgt. Watson mistakenly believed, namely:

*Joseph (father of John and grandfather of James).
*John (son of Joseph and father of James).
*James (son of John and grandson of Joseph).

So, Sgt. Watson was right when he said that the Smith family
is composed of one named Joseph with his son (John) and grandson,
(James) counting them as 3 persons.
But he was wrong when he said that one named John with his
son and father as another set of 3 persons, because he was
actually reffering to the same John and James. And he was
again wrong when he counted as a third set of 3 persons
James and his father and grandfather, because, again, he was
reffering to the same John as the Dad, and the same Joseph
as the grandpa.

I think you'll make a good lady detective, like one of those
pretty Charly's Agels ! Remember them? Remember the
beautiful and sexy Sarah Fawsette?
(She was my crush then !)Emotion: rofl

'ta luego.
EXLMARKI think you'll make a good lady detective, like one of those
pretty Charly's Agels !
I enjoy being a detective! Emotion: smile