I am just learning Spanish and don't really know enough to write anything in Spanish. I am wondering if anyone knows of a FREE Spanish podcast that I could listen to daily. I am looking to learn Mexican Spanish in particular. Thanks
Just google "leccion español podcast". Buena suerte. Emotion: wink
I'm sorry I forgot to mention that I'm looking for a podcast that teaches Spanish not just one that speaks Spanish.
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Hola MLG
Aquí tienes los enlaces a mis páginas favoritas con podcasts (ingles-español):

http://radiolingua.com/shows/spanish /
www.audiria.com (solo en español)

Espero que te gusten y sean utiles por ti.

I suggest you use the Spanish version of the BBC. You can dowload a daily podcast called Mundo. I know that it's about news, but I assure you that it's really useful to practise Spanish.Bye