When I create a thread and post it, I often find that I forgot to login. Afterwards, I kick myself because I know the moderator has to choose if it is acceptable or not. I would like some failsafe mechanism that would ask, "Would you like to login before posting?" Or at least something like that. Some kind of reminder or thing to block me posting. I've probably done this multiple times, and I've seen other members do it, too. Is there any way someone can code something that asks me if I want to login before posting?


I did it again!@
I did that too in the beginning and it still happen when I do not write from my own comp. If you write from the same computer often why do you not mark the "automatically log me on next time" box when loggin in? that's my solution at home.
Ha that's what happens when I once bye accident log off...Just talk about it and I do it as well. My actually comment will probably soon appear as anonymouse.
La verdad es que eso me pasaba al inicio, pero ahora ya me acostumbré a iniciar sesión ni bien visito el foro.

That happened to me in the beginning, but now I'm used to sign in as soon as I visit the forum.

In short, a mechanism to prevent anonymous posts from registered users is necessary.