Please help me check the below question and answer.

1. ¿Están usted y sus amigos preocupados por sus notas? ¿En qué materias (subjects)?
Si, yo y mi amigos preocuparse por cada materias especialmente español.

By the way, how to say "I' go to class every day except tuesday, friday, and saturday."?

Please give me comment to make improvement for the question if can. thank you.
"Sí, mis amigos y yo estamos preocupados por [can you say this in english?], especialmente en español"

"I go to class every day except tuesday, friday, and saturday." ---> Voy a clase todos los días excepto los martes, viernes y sábados/ excepto el martes, viernes y sábado.

Lo de los días de la semana lo puedes decir en plural o en singular.
Siempre se pone "[quien sea] y yo/nosotros". Ejemplos: "ella y yo", "tú y yo", "ellos y nosotros". Nunca al revés: "yo y tú".
I don't understand the ".... preocupados por[can you say this in english?], especialmente...". If I want to say for every subjects, how?
"preocupados por..." - In English would be "worried about..."

Did you mean that? Emotion: smile
Yes thank you for that. I have anther question...
Please help me to check these phrases(the spanish one), thank you.
1. Yo justo como harina en el desayuno. (I just eat oatmeal for my breakfast)
2. Yo desayuno en la cafetaria.

Help me translate these phrases:
1. My favorite dessert is cendol.(a kind of dessert in Malaysia) It is sweet and cool. and I always buy it at the street side. 
2. I sleep for six hours each day. 
3. I go outing with my roomate. 
4. I need to prepare for tommorrow presentation.
5. I need to finised my assignment and presentation for other courses. 
6. I'm feel very nervous now. 
7. Amy know me very well because we know each other before this at other class.

Please help me check the way I answer the question:
1. Usted y sus amigos, pueden estudiar toda la noche sin dormir?
    How to translate this answer:
    Yes, we will study all night long without going to sleep if tommorrow we got an exam.
I've replied to that in [url= ]THIS thread[/url]! [:)]