Hey folk!

I believe there are many people among us that like taking photos. Do you have any pictures that you think to be your best ones? Let's share them! You can also post the most recent pictures that you took.

Here are some recent pics of mine. They have all been taken about a month ago yet we still had some yellow foliage. Now it's all gone... Emotion: smile

And here are my favs!

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I wanted to find another one...but the pic is hiding from me!
A nice one, Ana! Please, post that picture when you find it. Emotion: wink You got me intrigued!

Para mi las fotos 5. y 6. son buenísimas. ¿Estas fotos has realizado por ti misma? Si es así, tengo que decirte que tienes el talento [Y]
Hey Wesley,
I'll reply in English if you don't mind. Yep, I took those pics myself this summer. Thanks for the compliment! I like taking photos very much, it is true. Emotion: wink
There it is! Emotion: smile
Ah indeed! I remember your posted it on TCP saying that it looks like you stole it from Microsoft. Emotion: big smile
Yo también quiero mostrar mis fotos Emotion: wink Sé que no estan algunas maravillosas, pero ...

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