Cada una de estas oraciones hace falta
una parte del cuerpo para hacer sentido:

1. He was caught lying in his ____.
2. I know that terrain like the back of my ____.
3. She said those flattering words tongue in ____.
4. He came home very late and right away his wife gave him a severe ___ lashing.
5. Everytime those gossipmongers wag their ____, a lot of people get into trouble.
6. I don't know if I'm going to pass the exam or not. I'm keeping my ____ crossed.
7. When I reported to work late yesterday, my boss was waiting for me at the door,
with ___ akimbo ready to give a dressingdown.
8. One should always start the day on the right ____.
9. Working as a spy is a risky job. It is like having one ____ in the grave all the time.
10. The situation is getting quite hopeless. We have to do something. We cannot just
sit around with folded ____.
12. The traitor pleaded for his life on bended ____ !
13 A handfull of brave comrades fought the enemy together _____ to _____ !
14. The success or failure of the invasion rest on the ____ of Ike.
15. The father welcomes his prodigal son with open _____ !

Las partes del cuerpo que faltan:
1. Arms
2. Knees
3. Fingers
4. Foot
5. Cheek
6. Hand
7. Tongue
8. Teeth
9. Shoulder(s)

Hope you have some fun with this. [H]

Thank you for this EXLMARK.
Do you have the answers as well please?
So I can practice the English.Emotion: left hug

Por supuesto que sí, Ans. Here they are:
  1. teeth
  2. hand
  3. cheek
  4. tongue
  5. tongue
  6. fingers
  7. arms
  8. foot
9. foot
10. arms
12. knees
13. shoulder (to) shoulder
14. shoulders
15. arms

ojo: I delibarately omitted thenumber 11. Emotion: batEste numero me trae mala suerte ! [H]
EXLMARK I delibarately omitted the number 11. Este numero me trae mala suerte !

A mi los lúmeros a menos de viente.Emotion: rofl

Voy a practicar ahora. Muchas grachias de nuevo.Emotion: wink