Hola ;]
I live in Poland.
I've been in Spain few times, and today I remembered that I bought great orange juice from machine on the street, it was canned orange juice without too much CO2 ;]
Can't remember the name.
Can looked like this: Blue colors from dark to light blue, and orange text, dunno the name, can anyone help me?
Pics would be nice ;]
Thank you in advance, Paul.
Hmm, Fanta naranja, perhaps?

No no no... it was blue can with sth like air bubbles in water , and blue-orange name on can...
Okay - How about this one? Kas naranja
If it changet colours from sea blue-dark blue it might be ;] But it was sth else Emotion: big smile
Oh my god - I can't think of anything right now Emotion: surprise
Hi! I've just visited this forum. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thanks.

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