I'm new to this, so I hope this question hasn't been asked before...

I'm trying to learn Spanish by myself. I have a Teach Yourself Spanish set with CDs and a book and I've also done the Spanish Steps (beginners Spanish lessons) on the BBC website.

According to the "Teach Yourself Spanish" course "Mi nombre es..." is Spanish for >"My name is..." but in my Spanish phrase book and on the BBC website it said " Mi llama es..."

I was just wondering if anyone can tell me the differenc ebetween the two, and which one is correct?
Hola Bevalich, "mi llama es.." is wrong when telling the name.

These are some right ways to say it

me llamo Juan

soy Juan

mi nombre es Juan
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One more question...
when would I use nombre and when would I use llamo? Is there a difference?
¿cómo te llamas ? is commoner than ¿cuál es tu nombre? and less formal

A formal teacher might ask you ¿cuál es tu nombre? and a new friend might ask you ¿cómo te llamas?
me llamo Juan = I call myself Juan or I am called Juan (From the verb llamar : To call)

soy Juan
= I am Juan

mi nombre es Juan
= My name is Juan

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Estoy de acuerdo con Berno.
Thank you everyone =)