Hi there, I just wanted to let you all know about my new, free resource, http://LearnSpanishFree.info. I just started the site, but I’m constantly adding new lessons and updating the blog. Please take a look and tell me what you think. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, you can always e-mail me at Email Removed. Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy the website. My only goal is to help people learn Spanish.
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Are you trying to advertise here? Emotion: hmm

..it seems to be an advertisement..
pero la publicidad es aqui muy conveniente por lo que esta es relacionada con espanol
If this type of post isn't allowed feel free to delete it but it is only a free resource, just trying to help Emotion: smile

Anon nos a puesto claramente que es una web que está relacionada con el castellano, es más, nos ha dicho que ayuda a estudiantes. Todo eso me pacere de maravilla. Lo que no me parece justo es que lo vaya publicando en otros lugares, lugares donde la misma web ofrece ese tipo de ayuda. ¿Acaso FDE no te ayuda con el castellano?

Está muy bien eso de utilizar más de una web para aprender castellano, yo no lo niego.

No sé si he sido lo bastante clara con todo esto, lo que quiero decir es que no es ético.

Que alguien me corrija si me equivoco.
puedes escribir en una frase que no es etico? porque no te entiendo.. ;|
I would like to express my opinion about this issue (sorry but I must stick to English). In fact it's not very easy to find if an advert has to be kept in a forum or has to be deleted. I could tell you why I kept this one: as Anon said this is the section 'free resource', I went to see his/her website and I could realize that it is really for free, plus it is not a forum like ours (if it were a forum I would have deleted it suddenly because I find that advert a forum in another forum is not politically correct). Besides this Anon had a good behaviour because he/she didn't post tons of threads about his/her website like many others did in the past, and he/she clearly expressed his/her idea to 'help the others'. As you can see, by reading the other threads on this section, it's plenty of URLs who can link you to other websites, which are similar to this one.

Anyway I strictly think that the best way to help the others is registering also to this website and writing your personal link to your own website in your profile Emotion: smile
Musia_musiapuedes escribir en una frase que no es etico? porque no te entiendo..
I meant that I don't think it's a very nice thing to advertise in another site about your own site knowing that the site offers the same services.
Does it real free.

If it's real Thank you very much.
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