Tengo 2 relojes, un despertador (alarm clock) y un reloj de pared (wall clock). Mi despertador ha dejado de funcionar. Mi reloj de pared está siempre atrasado por 10 minutos.
¿Cuál de los dos es capaz de darme la hora correcta?

Ninguno por el momento, aunque si adelantas el reloj de pared tal vez te sirva.
Yo estoy de acuerdo con Crom. El despertador no es bueno, y el reloj de pared está de atrás (si sabes que está de atrás).....nada funciona bien pero el reloj de pared te puede servir.....como dijo Crom
Hola, Malta, hijita mía, y a tí tambien, mi buen amigo, Crom:
For the moment, I will neither confirm nor deny the correctness of your answer. Up to a certain point, I tend to concede accuracy to your answer. It's true that by simply advancing the minute hand of the wall clock, it can, after a fashion, give you an idea of the correct time. In fact, even if you don't adjust the minute hand, the wall clock can still give you an idea of the correct time just as well, knowing that it is behind by 10 minutes.
Having said that however, there is another answer worth considering advanced by another amiguita.
I will state here her answer and her corresponding justification and let's allow our other foromates to asses which answer appears to them as carrying the more logical weight.
She anwers:
«I would say that the alarm clock can reflect the true correct time. Firstly, I presume that by asking which one es capaz de darte la hora correcta, you mean that, the time reflected on the face of the clock is the true and correct time, without making any mental adjustment to make up for the deficiency of the clock, which will be the case as far as the wall clock is concerned. This is not the case in so far as the alarm clock is concerned. Let me explain: If the alarm clock stopped at say, exactly 10:00, este reloj te da la hora correcta 2 veces al dia. Cada las 10:00 de la mañana y las 10:00 de la noche el despertador refleja la hora correcta en su faz (face of the clock) sin la necesidad de hacer ninguna ajuste mental.»

Muchisimas gracias, indeed, por vuestro interes en este post.
‘ta luego.[H]M
Me gusta esta respuesta: no pensó que aunque el reloj depertador no funciona, da igualmente la hora correcta dos veces. Emotion: clap
MaltaMe gusta esta respuesta: no pensó que aunque el reloj depertador no funciona, da igualmente la hora correcta dos veces. [Clapc]
Thanx, Malta, for for your time. I'll tell my friend you liked her answer.