I've have been studying Spanish for a good 3 months (excluding my previous knowledge of some nouns etc i picked up by listening to my parents as a little kid) but i have some problems they cannot help me with because they know street spanish which they learned in the Bronx as babies. Why do some verbs use Me and Te differently? Like for instance in "I kill you" It would be "Te mato" Correct? If so then why do i hear stuff like yo pichando te (idk what that means because i haven't found that verb anywhere) So my question is how come some verbs have te after instead of before the verb? Same goes for the opposite. Mata me means you kill me pero that song also said tu pichando me and its confusing me. Thank you very much.Aldo what verb does pichando come from and what does it mean?
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Hey Michael. I'll try to make this simple, as I am still learning. I'm probably going to explain this oddly, so someone else can correct me if they wish.

'Te' is the direct object. It's who is receiving the action.

Do you know what conjugation means? IF the verb is conjugated, it goes before. Examples:

Te quiero = I want you.

Te veo = I see you.

Te amo = I love you.

quiero te, amo te, veo te. That doesn't make sense! If the verb is conjugated it goes before!!


If it's not conjugated i.e. you use the infinitive. Examples:

I would like TO SEE YOU.= Me gustaria verte

I am going to call you later = Voy a llamarte mas tarde.

Do you see the difference? The verbs are not conjugated. They are in their infinitive form (ver, llamar, etc). See, it wouldn't make sense to say:

Voy a llamo te. NOPE! Because that would be like: I am going to I call you. You can't have two conjugations next to eachother.

UH OH, there's more.....

You can also say te voy a llamar! That means I am going to call you. But all you did was switch the position from the END, to the beginning: That literally means: You, I am going to call.

Did I confuse you? By the way in your example, "matame", that is the COMMAND form of "KILL ME!". If you were to switch it from "me mata", that means, "It kills me". "Matarme" means To Kill Myself. Just think, everytime you see the "r" at the end, is "To [blank]". It's the infinitive.
Thanks i knew most of what you said already so just needed to reconfirm my previous knowledge. I'm pretty good an conjugations though and now that you put it that way i felt like an idiot making such a dumb mistake lol but thanks alot. Also does anyone know what pichando means as i cannot find a definition? (probably wrong spelling)
No idea what pichar means, the only thing I can think of is the word pinchar, Just a letter of difference but if it makes sense in the song I can't know of course.
oo alright well thanks alot anyways appreciated.
Very good explanation, Robert and Syl!
Altough, in order to clarify the meaning of either pichar or pinchar, we need some more context.
not much context. the guy says. "yo pichando te y tu pichando me" another song that mentions it he says "A mi me arrestaron dos puercos por pasar el rato
Y yo aquí pichando, aguantando, callando"
Excellent explanation Robert. I'll add this. "yo pichando te y tu pichando me" it should be written "yo pichándote y tu pichándome" but it's not a natural way of speaking, this structure can be useful for songs or poems. A common way to speak is "te estoy pichando" that uses the present continuous, and in this tense you have two ways to form it "te estoy pichando" or "estoy pichándote", see, you can have the direct object at the beginning or at the end.
MichaelM718Also does anyone know what pichando means as i cannot find a definition? (probably wrong spelling)

Maybe you mean picar, which means to bite.

The form estoy picando means, I'm biting, because the ending -ando is a gerundio, and that's usually doing something.
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