I'm learning spanish using pimsleur course, it's an audio lingual course with not mucvh written material, you hear and respond the the tapes qwuestion in spanish, and over time you subconsciously learn the language.

I like to take notes.

I came across

nos abria gustado, and me abria gustado, supposedly means we would have liked, I would have liked respectively, however I cannot for the life of me write these in correct spanish spelling as I usually take notes and use babelfish.av.com to make sure I have spelt it correctly.

Can anyone show me how to spell this, much appreciated

Hi Karim.

"Abrir" means to open. so "nos abría.." "me abría..." does not sound too good. Emotion: stick out tongue

But of course if you are only listening its sounds alike. It just does not make much sense using "abrir" in this case. You missed the silent H in the verb Haber. ---> Habría.

By the way, your title, here is a way to say it : "Me gustaría saber cómo se escribe esta palabra"
Ah Entinedo, gracias por ayudar me, apprendo algo neuvo todos los dias.
LondonTigerAh Entiendo, gracias por ayudarme. Apprendo algo nuevo todos los días.

Todos aprendemos cosas nuevas todos los días - Espero que sigas participando en los foros para que puedas mejorar tu español. Emotion: smile